Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews for the UK

Buying the best inflatable hot tub can be a good idea for lots of different reasons. It will provide you with an experience of getting some rest and chilling out in a spa except for the fact that you will be doing this from your home. You won’t need to go to a spa resort and pay a lot of money for this experience. This is sure to be a good thing but in addition to this, spending some time in a hot water can also do wonders for your body. It can help you to ease your mind and remove all the stress in the world while it will also be perfect for removing any muscle or joint pain that most people tend to suffer from as they get older.

Looking at the above perspective, it is clear that getting an inflatable hot tub can only be a good thing. The only issue is to determine which one is best suitable for your needs. In order to find a blow up hot tub that meets your expectations, you will need to look at various different products and weighing up the qualities of each against one another. If you are located in the UK, here are some inflatable spas that might be worth buying:

  1. The Lazy-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub is a very high quality product.The Lazy-Z-Spa Palm Springs is a terrific product that is associated with high-end features that are available in the UK. It can be quite expensive but overall, it is a product that is worth the price due to the overall performance and value for money. It not only looks amazing, it will also provide an incredibly relaxing experience that is extremely similar to that provided by an expensive spa session. I think that the design in particular is much better than most other tubs available in the UK. The good thing is that despite the inflatable nature, there is a thick leatheroid material that supports the entire system quite well. The end-result is a highly durable inflatable spa that is resistant to damage. It really is fantastic blow up hot tub when you consider the overall quality because it is simple to set up and also simple to use. It has lots of features that will be useful and this includes the Lay-Z-Spa massage system that produces lots of bubbles and water jets to copy the effect of a luxury spa.
  1. If you’ve been reading lots of inflatable hot tub reviews then you will definitely have come across the Intex Octagonal hot tub. This is shaped differently to the above product and this is a unique design when compared to other similar hot tubs. I would consider this product to be quite expensive but again, it has some amazing features inside. Once again, it is simple to inflate and is light enough to move around the house and into the backyard. Most of the features are also very ease to initiate. I do like the unique design and the fact that the material is of extremely high quality. I think that most features are similar to other inflatable hot tubs in the UK but one thing that I can appreciate about this product is the hard water treatment system that has been built into the system.

As you can guess, you are looking at two of the best inflatable hot tubs available in the UK. Both products can be quite expensive but comprise features and characteristics that make them winners when it comes to providing an excellent spa experience.

Heating Your Home Using The Most Effective Heating Solutions!

Heating will either see you through the cold winter’s days in comfort, or lack of heating will make you miserable and shivering, always trying to keep warm, tossing that extra layer of clothes on in the vain hope that it will help. From the time that man discovered fire, he soon learnt the advantages of heating. Heating has made it possible to survive harsh climates. Without heating there would be many parts of the world that would be uninhabitable during winter, and even in the more temperate climates, heating is still necessary at certain times of the year.

Heating technology has advanced rapidly during the past 50 years. Open fireplaces, once the most common form of heating in a home are now more often used just for effect, having been replaced by one of the many forms of central heating, gas heating, or if timber is burnt by means of a slow combustion heater. Of course there are many other different methods of heating, and quite often the design of the house, or location will be the determining factors as to what type of heating will be used. For example, most apartments would rely on some form of ducted heating, rather than any type of fuel burning heating. This type of heating is quiet, and efficient, and is the one that is most commonly used in developed countries.

It is hard to imagine life without heating today. It is not until we have either a power outage or fuel shortage that we realise how dependent we have become on heating. Just being able to heat one room in an otherwise cold house can make all the difference and this is easily achieved with any number of low cost, efficient portable heating units. There are many people that rely entirely on this type of heating and because the units are easily moved they can be taken to any location. These small heating appliances are great to take into bathrooms and bedrooms or wherever added warmth is required. Great advancement has been made in heating technology with the latest in portable being the ceramic heaters. Heating needs to be efficient with todays rising fuel costs. This has really been brought to people’s attention with the recent oil price rises. Heating has become very expensive and installing efficient and economical heating has become necessary if it is to be affordable.

Heating requirements will vary considerably for every family. It is important that safety standards and requirements are adhered to for all types of heating but particularly in fuel burning heating where there will be a naked flame. There are many accidental fires each year, which have been started because of undue care taken with heating. Tragedy often results in these instances, and whereas houses can be rebuilt, lives cannot be replaced.

These are some of the most effective heating solutions right now.

If you are building, it pays to educate yourself on what types of heating are now available, as well as the running costs, and whether it is an environmentally friendly heating system. This issue is becoming increasingly more important to many people who would like to think that their heating is not having an adverse effect on our planet. Insulation also plays a very important role in ensuring the efficiency of heating no matter what type of heating you have installed. There are many heating professionals whose job it is to advise you on all the pros and cons of all the different heating choices before you make your decision. With heating being such an important issue it is a wise person who takes the time to explore all the different types of heating available. Floor heating is one heating system that is not used nearly as much as it could be. This form of heating dates back centuries but the technology, with a few modern additions is as relevant now as it was then.

We find it hard to survive without adequate heating, our health can suffer, and if it is already compromised then living without heating can only make matters worse. Finding a heating solution that fits within the budget is the challenge today, rather than the heating itself.

Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Worth Buying?

When looking for carpet steam cleaners, the Bissell brand is what most people think of first. The company’s products are known for their good quality and very appealing prices. Bissell has a very wide range of home cleaning machines.

Here is a quick overview of the most popular models of Bissell Carpet Cleaners. If you need an affordable steam cleaner for home use, the Bissell QuickSteamer PowerBrush is quite likely to meet your expectations.

Though less powerful than its slightly more expensive competitor, the Hoover SteamVac, this representative of Bissell carpet cleaners is actually reported to be one of the most reliable products at the price tag of around £70. Due to its rather small tank, the QuickSteamer PowerBrush performs best when used over smaller areas.

The user reviews of this model are mostly positive, which is not always the case with cheaper steam cleaners. The Bissell SpotBot is one of the more popular portable Bissell carpet cleaners and is considered by many the best portable cleaning device currently available on the market. What is great about the SpotBot is that it can be parked on a tough stain and left on its own to perform the cleaning.

Have a look at this guide if you're thinking of buying a Bissell carpet cleaner.

It also comes with a small suction nozzle and a five foot hose, in case you want to use it as a regular carpet steam cleaner, but the truth is that spot cleaning is what it does best. Another nice thing about this model is that not much residue is left behind after cleaning. A lot of people say that the smallest portable carpet cleaners are not worth buying, as a similar cleaning effect can be achieved with manual scrubbing.

They are usually equipped with less powerful motors than the larger models, which results in less suctioning power and more residue left behind. The Bissell Little Green, however, has a lot more to offer. It comes with a hose and nozzle and is perfect for cleaning upholstery, as well as cars or stairs. At the price of around £40, this little steam cleaner should be taken into consideration if a handy cleaning device is what you are looking for.

If you are in need of an affordable carpet-cleaning machine, you are likely to find the right one if you take a closer look at the wide offer of Bissell Carpet Cleaners. Their prices are very reasonable, and the quality is more than solid – these are the two main factors that make the Bissell steam cleaners so popular.

On the other hand, if you don’t want a Bissell product, we highly recommend the excellent hetty hoover.

The Hetty Hoover: All That You Need To Know

There is a high chance that you have come across a hoover that has a red body, a bright smile and black top with the words “Henry” written across the front. That’s a strange vacuum cleaner isn’t it? This was one my thoughts when I came across Henry the hoover for the very first time and I would imagine, it is a common thought amongst most normal people.

Little do some people know that this model is actually very well known. A lot of people actually prefer buying the Henry hoover over something like a Dyson or a Vax vacuum cleaner. In fact, due to the popularity of Henry, the company, Numatic even created Hetty hoover, the female version that would satisfy the demands of women.

Truth be told, the urge to buy Hetty hoover and her brother Henry is not baseless. Both models are terrific because they are different. They are different when compared to the appearance of traditional vacuum cleaners. However, the most important thing is the efficiency in terms of cleaning and Numatic do not let us down in terms of this aspect. Both models are very similar in terms of performance but this performance level is truly impressive.

I don’t know about you but I could never take a vacuum cleaner seriously if it has a face on the front. I would think of it as a bit of a toy and certainly as a bit of a joke to lure money from parents who want a happy hoover around the house. But after looking at the Numatic Hetty hoover in detail, I can assure you that both male and female version are far more than just happy faces.

We found the Numatic Hetty Hoover to be amazing for cleaning.

If you’re on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner then there are several factors you will or should consider. The overall look of this Henrietta vacuum cleaner is different to normal cleaners and this is something that I would consider to be a beneficial factor. Most other cleaners look almost robotic and lifeless while the Hetty hoover will at least make you smile every time you look at it. So as a consequence of that, she definitely wins some major points. However, a vacuum cleaner is bought to clean the house and there would be no point in buying a product that isn’t very effective in conducting the job that it was designed to do.

Thankfully, the Hetty hoover is a bit of a powerhouse just like it’s predecessor. It has a 620-watt motor and the power of the suction is a joy to witness. If there’s one thing a vacuum cleaner should have, it is a very powerful suction that allows you to suck the smallest of dirt of dust lying around tight corners or areas. This is the area where Hetty excels and a reason why her purchase would be completely justified regardless of whether you are a cleaner, mum and a single student looking to keep your rented apartment clean and maintained.

I actually got the Hetty hoover because I read lots of great reviews about it. However, being a middle-aged man, the main reason why I got it was because of my daughter. She just loves to see that smile when she sees Hetty standing around the corner. Even though this was my main reason for the purchase, I have experienced most of the benefits of this product afterwards. Take the cord length for example. This is extremely long and allows me to get into every corner of the space downstairs without having to turn it off and transfer it to another room. This is pure convenience for me and not only does it make the job easier but it also speeds everything up. This is especially important for someone who doesn’t actually like cleaning but then again who does?

I’m also a big fan of the bag size. This can take in up to 9 litres of waste so basically I can keep using my Hetty hoover for days without having to empty the bag. This is a massive advantage that further adds to the convenience factor of using this product. I just don’t waste that much time any more and everything is done quickly and efficiently.

As a product that doesn’t cost too much, the Hetty hoover has lots of advantages over some of the other vacuum cleaners that are available on the market these days. I have used a lot of these products before but I can confidently say that when it comes to the combination of every factor, you won’t find a better vacuum cleaner than Hetty!

Custom Walk-in Shower Designs

If the time has come to remodel your bathroom, or just fancy getting a new walk-in shower, there are a few things you can choose from, and a few other things to consider before you jump into the work. There are some really cool walk-in shower designs, they come with loads of different features and functions, and if you can’t find exactly what you want you can opt for a custom walk-in shower to fit your needs.

There are a number of things you need to think about before you add a walk-in shower. The placement of the shower in relation to other items in the bathroom is important, and you need to make sure you are using the available space efficiently. At the same time though, everything should be easy to access and nothing should be crammed in to a small space.

The size of the shower is important too, not only for comfort but for accessibility. You are going to need your shower to be big enough so that it isn’t uncomfortable to use, but not so big that it takes up far too much space in the room.

A custom walk-in shower will look brilliant in your bathroom.

You need to consider the angle of the floor too, a slight slope in the floor will ensure that any water getting onto the floor doesn’t create a huge mess. You could install a small drain in the floor and angle the rest of the flooring towards the drain.

There are so many styles and different features to choose from, you can have many shower heads, to get water from different angles. You could opt for a steam feature. Basically this will give the off a steam room effect in the comfort of your own home. Is your new shower going to be in a room of its own, separate from the other bathrooms in the house, or incorporated into your existing bathroom? As you can see there a quite a few things too choose from when planning out your new walk-in shower.

There are huge number of designs and styles you can pick when you are buying a new custom walk-in shower designs. Walk-in showers are a fantastic feature that eliminates the need for items like shower curtains and gives you a great stylish shower you would be glad to show off. You can add in new shower hoses to complete your new walk-in shower.

Remodelling a Bathroom: Tips For Installing a Toilet

The housing boom has considerably slowed down. Home appraisals don’t allow much opportunity for a generous mortgage. Most potential buyers won’t even consider buying a new home now. The logical solution for enhancing your living is clearly remodelling your current home. And the cheapest option for home remodelling is doing it yourself (a.k.a. DIY). A home remodelling might not be that expensive so it’s certainly an option to consider.

The favourite home remodelling projects amongst consumers are for the kitchen and the bathroom. That is mainly because the look and feel of a new kitchen or bathroom can only be changed through remodelling it. Giving a living room or other room a new appearance is only a question of changing the furniture, pictures or fixtures.

So, what can you do for your bathroom? Certainly, replacing a sink or toilet can be very expensive if you put the work into the hands of a professional contractor. However, careful homeowners will be able to accomplish with such a project.

These are some tips to follow when remodelling your bathroom.

Reinstalling a toilet in a new home is relatively simple. You won’t have to invest a huge amount of time into this project either. In an old home, installing a toilet might be a high priority. Even if the toilet is just leaking a couple of drops, these couple of drops can cause a huge damage to the structure of your home. Often you won’t see how much your toilet is deteriorating your home.

If you suspect that the sub-floor of the bathroom is damaged, then you should start the project to replace the toilet as soon as possible. You will also have to include the replacement of the sub-floor on your project’s budget.

Some minor point that many forget is that if your toilet will be out of service, you will need a second toilet. If your home only has one toilet, then do not count that it will be ready in just a day, since not everything runs as smooth as it should, especially for first time DIY worker.

Before buying a new toilet, measure all the sides of your current toilet. That includes the existing space, the bolts and the central drain. Most have a 12″ central drain, but this is not always the case. Some vary by only a half-inch. However, try to buy a new toilet that has exactly the same dimensions as your old one.

What is a HEPA Filter Vacuum?

One of the most important features of a pet vacuum is what filtration it has, looking through any vacuum cleaners ratings and information you will easily see if this is a part of the pet vacuum. So what are HEPA filter vacuum cleaners? HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing, which means that the small particles of pet dander, dust and other particles in the air, rushing through the vacuum at an incredibly high speed are efficiently absorbed into the HEPA filter.

HEPA filter vacuums will catch these particles right down to 0.3 micrometers (or microns) and will remove at least 99.97% of them.

If this efficiency isn’t reached then it isn’t a HEPA filter vacuum. The poor quality and cheaper ones are usually called things like ‘99% HEPA’, ‘HEPA-type’ and ‘HEPA-like’, so make sure to keep this in mind.

If you don't know what a HEPA filter vacuum is, then make sure you read this post.

To get an idea of the size of these particles, think of a human hair. This is about 50 micrometers in diameter, but can in fact range from about 20 to 180 micrometers.

The dust particles that you may see on a sunny day dancing in the sunlight are generally about this size, although with great eyesight and a particularly bright clear day you could possibly see them as small as 10 micrometers. Pet dander however can be just less than 1 micrometer and so at this size can remain in the air for about 8 hours after a vacuum.

You can see why then vacuum ratings and places that review vacuum cleaners should make it clear what kind of filter exists in your pet vacuum.

The size of the filter can vary considerably but they are generally very thin. You will find the larger diameter filters in the HEPA canister vacuum and quite small but equally efficient ones in the portable vacuum cleaners, like handheld vacuum cleaners, lightweight vacuum cleaners, where they can be washed easily and quickly.

A point to remember though is they do not last forever. Instructions on when they need replacement should be found in your pet vacuum specifications or manual.

So when you are comparing pet vacuums, pay attention to the vacuum rating and technical specification. A HEPA filter is a standard feature of a pet vacuum and other than the suction power, the most important part.

Ways to Save Money on Vacuum Cleaner Bags

There are many places you can purchase vacuum cleaner bags. The options include on the Internet, at retail stores, or at vacuum accessory stores. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Buying vacuum accessories on the Internet is generally the cheapest way to buy vacuum bags. You can shop to your vacuum make’s website to purchase bags directly for them. You will have the advantage of knowing that the bags will fit your vacuum. For better deals, head to places like Amazon, eBay and Gumtree. Gumtree can get your surprisingly good deals if you look enough, eBay will have the lowest prices overall, and Amazon will be always be a reliable guarantee.

Another good method for saving money on bags is contacting the bag makers for a wholesale discount to you. If you want to purchase a lot at a time, this could save you a good amount of money over time. If you decide this is too much for you, you can resell some of them on eBay or Gumtree and quickly get your money back and then keep some for yourself.

It's possible to buy good quality vacuum cleaner bags at affordable prices.

Shopping at nearby retail stores such as B&Q and Tesco can normally get you decent prices on bags and a steady amount for sale at a time. The deals will not be as good as they are online, though.

Going to a nearby vacuum accessory store will generally get you the best customer service possible on your buying situation. The employee should be able to direct you to the most effective bags for your vacuum to maximise its efficiency. It may be a little more expensive than shopping elsewhere, but you will get good service and develop a rapport with a shop that could fix your vacuum if it breaks.

When it comes to saving money on vacuum bags, the options are clearly in front of you. Go to the websites you trust and frequently visit like Amazon and eBay for the best deals around. If you don’t want to shop online, you should know where to go. And if you’d like, make sure to re-use your bags. Don’t let something as trivial as vacuum cleaner bags annoy you one day when you really need them.